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    Musician (singer-songwriter and composer). Fun fact: I was a childhood actress in the Disney movie Mighty Ducks, Tammy Duncan the figure skater.

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  • Tammy Duncan Mighty Ducks

    I made my debut at the age of 12 in Disney’s The Mighty Ducks (1992), playing Tammy Duncan. I was also a featured extra in Jingle All the Way (1996).

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  • The Mighty Ducks 1992

    The cast of Disney’s Mighty Ducks. Did you know I did not really know how to figure skate; Katie Wahlquist was my figure skating stunt double for Tammy Duncan.

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Original Music

All of my music are my originals from this new found gift. I hope you enjoy it and let it speak to you in whatever way it does. I hope it moves you because these stories were the stories that I felt needed to be told. I should have my full cd ready by Mid-January.

That’s my deal and I’m sticking to it!